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Pro Quotes

Charles E. Vasoll

Charles E. VasollThere is probably no single living individual who has devoted as much of his personal time and effort to the APTA and to the cause of platform tennis. APTA Director for 13 years; President 1988-92. Co-editor of Platform Tennis News, the APTA's official publication. Originated the popular national championship medals. Integral part of the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame Committee. Has served for 20 years on the Long Island Platform Tennis Association Board (LIPTA). Initiated APTA membership for league players. Revived presentations of the Honor Award in 1992. "I'm crazy about platform tennis (auto license is P T NUT) but I also enjoy wearing neck wear. That's what has made it difficult for me to play a 'tie-breaker'. Blessed and Happy Holidays to all."

John Milbank

Oct 2009

"The greater majority of the best paddle players in the country are 35 years or much older. This proves that paddle is more about the mental aspect of competition than it is about the talent/physical aspects of competition. It also shows that you do not need to be a young, great athlete to excel at the game. This clearly shows that: 'Paddle is a more a Game of Will than Skill'".

Bobo Delany

Bobo Delany"Paddle is a game of time, because the court is so small and your opponents are so close, so while playing you try to buy time and shrink time with your varied type of shot selections." Chatham, NJ Independent platform tennis professional with over 20 years of teaching experience Winner of 10 National titles including juniors, women's, mixed and senior women's. Ranked #1 (with Tonia Mangan) for the 2007-08 season. USPTA