$25 Ankle Wrap Ankle Support

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Ankle Wrap ankle support



·                     Provides stabilization for an ankle inversion, sprain or general ankle instability.

·                     Combines warmth and compression of a neoprene sleeve with

the stabilizing benefits of a figure 8 wrap.

·                     Fits comfortably within any shoe.


Note:      When wrapping elastic (one at a time), be sure to stretch elastic first, then wrap.  Elastic must

                attach to itself to stay in place.  Check directions on packaging for additional details.

Size Chart

     S     Men’s (5-7), Women’s (6-7.5

     M     Men’s (7.5-10.5), Women’s (8-10)

      L     Men’s (11-14), Women’s (10.5 – 13)

(measurement based on shoe size)